PrimeCell Therapeutics is a global hi-tech company focused on the area of Regenerative Medicine, tissue engineering and tissue banking. Its unique know-how enables PrimeCell Therapeutics to develop and produce Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) which are designed to increase the quality of human life.

PrimeCell Therapeutics is recognised as a regional leader within the sphere of cell therapy and tissue engineering. PrimeCell Therapeutics uses proprietary technologies to combine scaffolds with autologous and allogeneic human body cells to produce ATMPs.

PrimeCell Therapeutics collaborates with top-notch scientific institutions in a bid to put scientific research results into clinical practice. Our clients comprise of top-class medical facilities and healthcare centres across countries, such as Germany, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Portugal, the US, South Korea, etc. In the area of research, development and clinical testing, PrimeCell Therapeutics co-operates with over twenty scientific institutions, universities and university hospitals.

PrimeCell Therapeutics currently operates two production facilities dedicated to cell and tissue processing. Third state-of-the-art research and manufacturing facility is expected to be finished in 2014.

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